Yay Futurama!

You may have heard about Futurama returning as a few full-length DVDs.

Well, that has changed! Fear not, the change is a good one. The fate of the DVDs is currently unknown, Mr Billy West says the plan was to have them first but that has changed. So...what is coming first you ask?

26 episodes on TV.

That's right...I said 26 episodes on TV. New episodes. Of Futurama. On TV.

Crack open a Slurm and celebrate!
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Ahhh...time to relax!

Man, I tell ya. Some weeks, you're just glad to have a warm, cozy, geeky home to unwind in.

I've no idea why (it isn't full moon...quite the opposite in fact) but this has been one long "which one's the any key?" week. As if that isn't bad enough, the cow-orkers have been just as dense. "So do you want pizza or Sonic for lunch?" "Sounds good". I swear, they're doing it to me on purpose, they are. Either that or Sonic has a new pizza burger I'm unaware of. I'm planning on spending a couple hours in the "zero room" tomorrow and just get away from it all. (If you don't know what a zero room is, shame on you for not watching Doctor Who!)

After the zero room time, I'll ease back into technology by spending some time with the TiVo. That 70's Show returned this week and I've still not had a chance to see it. However, I did glance at it and it seems Donna is still a blonde. *sigh* Bring back the redhead before I give up on the show!
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Ahhh. Geek toys.

Do we have the best toys or what? I recently acquired a swiss army knife. "So? What's so geeky about that?", you may ask. Well, unlike the other swiss army knives, leatherman tools, and similar multifunction devices I have...this one has a USB drive inside it.

Yep...USB drive. Similar to the ones at but with a slightly lower capacity (a mere 128 meg). I have a 256 meg USB drive that I carry with me, loaded with repair tools/virus scanners/adware removers/etc. Comes in rather handy when called to repair a 'messed up' computer, and 99 times out of 100, the client doesn't know exactly what messed up means, just that SOMETHING is wrong. Now I can transfer those over to this little baby, and not only do I have the programs needed, I have a light and screwdriver built in as well.

I gotta tell you...having more memory than my first hard drive in my pocket is fun. For that matter, my video card has far more memory than that first hard drive.
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